What's Old Can Be New

It is one of the oldest truisms in marketing: what’s old is new. Find an old idea and re-launch it. Store brands are no exception. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff and see how ancient foods and health products are making a comeback while retailers are re-circulating old brands to make big profits. Click here for video. Click here to download video

Store Brands Post Continued Sales Growth

Store brand dollar share rose to a record 18.8%, while unit share moved up to 20.5%, a new high for both. Plus, store brand dollar sales jumped 8.2% in the first half of this year. Maureen Donoghue shares these and other just-released sales results in a special report. Click here to download video

Private Brand Beverages Make a Splash with Shoppers

These inflationary times have changed the way shoppers buy beverages. Emily Moquin, lead food & beverage analyst for Morning Consult, shares how store brands can benefit. Plus, in our extended video, Moquin reveals new product trends, including functional beverages and ready-to-drink cocktails. She also discusses “damp drinking” and the resulting focus on high-quality beverages. All this and more with PLMA Live! host Carol Angrisani.Click here to download video